Organizing your Library with custom tags


Creating and adding custom tags to uploaded PDFs

When uploading PDFs, simply click the "Add tags" button to create a tag or add an existing one to your newly uploaded papers.

Then, when starting an "Extract data from PDFs" workflow, you can filter papers by your tag by clicking the "Filter" button and selecting the desired tags for your data extraction.

If multiple tags are selected, papers that have any of the selected tags will be shown.

Managing tags within your Library

You can also manage your tags within your Library. Simply select the papers you want to edit by clicking the check boxes on the left. Then click the "Tag" button on the toolbar to add or remove an existing tag, or create a new one for the selected papers.

Hopefully tags will help you more easily organize papers by project, category, favorites, reviewed status, step, or more. We are excited to see what tags you create!