Citing Elicit and Using Elicit's Content in Your Own Work


When using Elicit for your research, we recommend citing it as you would any other source. Example citations are provided at the bottom of this page.

We do NOT recommend copying/pasting Elicit summaries verbatim into your work. To minimize hallucinations, Elicit summaries stay as faithful to the source text as possible, so some summary text may be quoted as published. Elicit summaries are intended to enhance and support your understanding of your topic. They are not intended to be used as your own text.

Additionally, like any AI tool, Elicit is subject to AI writing detectors. Pasting an Elicit summary into your work may get your paper flagged as AI-generated, depending on the policies of your school or organization.

Example Elicit Citations

  author = {{Elicit}},
  title = {Elicit: The AI Research Assistant},  
  url = {},
  year = {2023},
  date = {2023-01-24},
Elicit; Elicit: The AI Research Assistant;; accessed xxxx/xx/xx

All Elicit citations should include the URL and the date. Check out example papers and articles where Elicit was cited here: Works about Elicit