Save on Elicit Plus: Annual Discount & Institutional Contracts

At this time, Elicit does not offer discounts on Elicit Plus subscriptions for students or individuals at non-profits.

Annual plan discount

Elicit offers discounts for users on annual billing plans. You can take advantage of this discount at any point during your subscription by navigating to your account settings.

Institutional contracts

If you're a member of a non-profit group, research center, university, or other educational institution, please consider contacting your institution to ask them to purchase an institutional subscription to Elicit.

Librarians or department heads are often the best people to contact. Feel free to use this template to reach out:

Hi [name],

I've been using the AI research assistant Elicit to [describe how you're using Elicit to improve or speed up your research]. I've done as much as I can on Elicit's free plan, so I'd really like us to subscribe so that I can [explain what additional research you'd be able to do]. Also, if we subscribed, then other researchers at [your institution] could use Elicit for their research projects as well. Ben from Elicit (, CC'd) is available to discuss subscription options.

If you'd prefer we reach out on your behalf, you can fill in this survey.

To learn more about custom pricing available for large groups and institutions, contact