Errors When Uploading PDFs

If you're having trouble uploading papers or getting errors on individual PDF uploads, you may be experiencing one of Elicit's known limitations:

  • The paper contains many graphs/charts/images. Elicit sometimes has trouble extracting data from PDFs that contain a large number of non-text elements

  • The PDF was made by scanning or imaging a printed document. If the PDF contains images of text rather than text, Elicit will not successfully read your file

  • The paper contains unusual or odd formatting that makes it difficult for Elicit to parse

  • Your PDF file is larger than 20MB

  • There is much more text in the paper itself than in a typical academic paper, regardless of file size

If your issue is not one of the above, please email us at and attach the PDF you're having trouble with, as well as a screenshot of the error you're receiving.