Find Hundreds of Relevant Papers with Load More and Show More Like These


In the Find Papers step, Elicit will initially load the top 8 papers that best match your query. However, you can easily balloon this into hundreds of paper results utilizing the Load More and Show More Like These features. See a short demo on how to generate a large body of paper results quickly below:

Keep in mind that using these features will consume more credits as you're asking Elicit to analyze and summarize more papers for you.

Use Show More Like These to Search Citation Trails

To search through the citation trail for specific papers in your Find Papers search results, use the Show More Like These button:

  1. Check the checkboxes for the papers you'd like to include

  2. Click Show more like these

Elicit will search through papers citing and cited by the selected papers to try to find similar papers, which will then be added to the bottom of your table.

Load More

While the initial table will display the top 8 papers, clicking the Load More button at the bottom of the table will load the next most relevant search results. Continue clicking Load More to add as many additional results to your table as you'd like.

As you load more results, we highly recommend reviewing the newly loaded papers to see if they're relevant to your research. As with any search engine or AI, Elicit's results will not always be exactly what you're looking for no matter how hard we try to perfect it. You can easily select any papers you don't want to keep in your table and click the Delete button to remove them. Doing this as you load more papers will ensure your table only contains the most relevant papers that you'd like to continue exploring in your research.