High-accuracy Mode

High-accuracy mode for Elicit columns gives better results when adding columns and extracting data. High-accuracy mode is only available to Elicit Plus subscribers.

If you're subscribed to Elicit Plus, you can turn on high-accuracy mode for any column:

From our testing, the new versions of these columns have half the error rate of the current columns.

Here's a direct comparison (left side has high-accuracy mode turned on):

You can edit the description and instructions for these columns, giving richer context and preferences like you would to a human research assistant.

High-accuracy mode identifies when the model is uncertain, so you can prioritize which answers to double check.

Accurate extractions are particularly important for projects like systematic reviews and meta-analyses - projects where you are willing to invest more to get the best results.

High-accuracy mode columns cost about 250 credits per answer, much more than standard columns.