Import Papers from Zotero


Elicit's Zotero integration helps you bring your paper collections into Elicit, where you can extract data and analyze your papers!

Connecting your Zotero account to Elicit

  1. Go to your Elicit settings

  2. Scroll down to the Integrations section

  3. Click the Connect button

  4. Log in to Zotero, if necessary

  5. Accept the default permissions for the secure connection

  6. You will be redirected to your Elicit library

Importing your collections from Zotero

Once your account is connected, you’ll be able to Import from Zotero directly into your library any time. Click the Import from Zotero button and choose any collection you'd like.

Note: there are some limitations to Zotero import. If you're having trouble, you can learn more about those here.

Use the Zotero integration to...

  • Analyze papers that you couldn't find in Elicit search

  • Prioritize papers to read based on what they did or found

  • Find themes and patterns across papers

  • Extract information from papers to analyze

  • Extract data or screen papers for a systematic review

Video guide

Watch our video walkthrough to learn more about using Elicit's Zotero integration here: