Zotero Import Limitations and Troubleshooting


Learn how to import papers from Zotero into Elicit here. Zotero import currently has the following limitations:

  1. We import all PDF attachments. So, the number of PDFs imported into Elicit may not equal the number of papers in the collection, since some papers may not have PDFs attached (or may have multiple)

  2. It’s a one-way import, rather than a sync:

    1. If you add something into a Zotero collection, it won’t be automatically added to your Elicit library – you’ll need to Re-import the collection to see the new item:

    2. If you remove something from a Zotero collection and re-import, it will still be present in your Elicit library.

  3. We can’t import from shared Zotero collections

  4. Nested collections are flattened out into a single list

  5. We can only import PDFs from Zotero when those PDFs are available for file syncing. You can check your collections in Zotero's web UI to make sure PDFs are downloadable, rather than greyed out:

If you run into any problems not covered by this list, please contact us at help@elicit.com.