Elicit's Source for Papers

Elicit searches across over 126 million academic papers from the Semantic Scholar corpus across all academic disciplines.

How often are new papers added to Elicit?

We process and import new papers from Semantic Scholar on a weekly basis. There may be a delay between a paper being available in Semantic Scholar and it appearing in their dataset for us to import. However, we aim to surface new papers as quickly as possible once they appear in the Semantic Scholar data.

Are there any plans to incorporate a wider range of subject areas?

Our current library exceeds 126 million papers through Semantic Scholar. We're looking to add corpora like PubMed and others soon.

Is Elicit restricted to open-access papers only?

No, it also includes non-open-access papers. When you add columns in Elicit, Elicit will answer based on the full text of the paper if it is available via open access; otherwise Elicit will answer based on just the abstract.

Does Elicit include other research documents such as books?

Elicit only includes academic papers, since Elicit is designed around finding and analyzing academic papers specifically.

Does Elicit include preprints?

Yes! Elicit includes papers from arXiv, papers from bioRxiv, preprints of economics papers, etc.