Find Papers: Adding filter criteria in natural language


Elicit's Find papers step can handle filter criteria directly in your query to refine your search results.

If you try a query like "papers about the benefits of taking l-theanine published after 2020" Elicit will automatically filter to papers published after 2020.

You can use natural language to filter for:

  • Recent papers or papers after a certain date

  • Study type, like randomized controlled trial, systematic review, meta-analysis, review, or longitudinal

  • Open access papers or papers where Elicit has access to the full txt

Additional examples

  • You can also combine multiple criteria into the same query, like "RCTs on l-theanine published after 2020."

  • Try filtering by study type, like "systematic reviews about the effects of creatine on cognition." Elicit will automatically apply the study type criteria to the results:

  • Queries like "full-text papers about conditional cash transfer programs" will filter the results to only show papers that have a PDF attached: