Overview of Elicit plans

Elicit offers both free and paid plans. For a full overview of our plans and pricing, please visit elicit.com/welcome.

For large group or institutional plans, please contact sales@elicit.com.

Elicit Basic (Free)

Elicit Basic accounts receive a one-time allotment of 5,000 credits

  • When you run out of credits, you will not be able to run new workflows in Elicit until you upgrade your plan to receive more credits

  • You will still be able to review your past work

Elicit Basic accounts have access to all workflows in Elicit. With a Basic account, you can:

  • Search for papers

  • Extract data from papers

  • Find concepts across papers

  • Upload your own papers

  • Save your results to review later

Elicit Plus (Monthly subscription)

Elicit Plus accounts receive a monthly allotment of 12,000 credits

  • You are able to purchase additional "top-up" credits at any time. Top-up credits do not expire each month

  • Unused monthly credits will not carry over into future months

  • Subscriptions auto-renew every month

  • You can cancel at any time

With Elicit Plus, you have access to all the features in Elicit Basic, as well as:

  • Exporting your results to RIS, CSV, BIB

  • Access to high accuracy mode when adding columns in Elicit

  • Access to information in the tables within papers

  • Summarize up to 8 papers into a paragraph

  • Priority customer support

Comparison chart

Elicit Basic

Elicit Plus

Credits available

5,000 one-time

up to 12,000 per month

Search for papers

Extract data from PDFs

Find concepts across papers

Upload your own papers

Save results to review later

Summarize top paper results

✓ Top 4 papers

✓ Top 8 papers

Export your results as CSV or BIB files

High-accuracy mode

Extract data from tables

Customer support

✓ Priority support

When you run out of credits...

  • Continue to review your past work

  • Continue to review your past work

  • Option to purchase additional top-up credits

  • Monthly credits refresh at the start of your next billing period

You can subscribe to Elicit Plus by clicking the upgrade button in the sidebar or by going to your Settings page. For more information see How do I add a monthly subscription?